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62% of Malaysians have access to the internet.
That's 18.6 million Malaysians who you might be
missing out on.

Are you or your firm searchable on the internet? When a potential client seeks you out online, do you or your firm look reliable and trustworthy - enough to convert him/her into an actual client? Having a good website helps you reach out to people - people who otherwise you might not have the chance to meet.


Your website - made by professionals.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals in the web development field. Therefore, be assured that your website will be performance driven backed by the latest web technologies and completed with a light touch of animation. A user-friendly, and mobile-friendly website means text and images are clearly readable on all mobile devices.

Exclusive Domain
Get your very own domain for FREE e.g.
Public Domain
Register any .com, .net, .biz,, .my and etc for a small add-on fee.
Email Account
Impress your client with a unique branded email account e.g.
Ticketing Support
Enjoy FREE after-sales ticketing support for related technical issues.

Listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

It's not just about owning a website - it's about making sure your website is searchable. This is why we pour time and effort to comply with guidelines provided by major search engines which results in a search-friendly website architecture.


Price: RM2,000 only. Subscribe now!

No hidden costs. If you like what you see from the Live Demo, drop us a line.


Recommended add-ons (for a small fee).

Perhaps you might like to re-brand or inject a fresh new look to your legal firm. Here are some suggestions to go with your shiny new website.

What are you waiting for?

For the price of less than one cup of americano per day, you are able to reach out to more than 18 million people in Malaysia, and even more worldwide. There is no better time than now for your firm to enjoy a great-looking professional and searchable website.

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